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Heh. Like a bunch of jocks would even listen to an emo kid like him :p

Just a note, the stuff around the edges hasn't actually happened. It's all in Maria's head.

So. I thought this page was pretty awful when I first drew it, but it turned out to just be because Eugene's head was messed up. Once I fixed his head, the whole page looked a lot better somehow :D Well and I figured out why everything looks so light these days. It's because not having worked on my comic in over a year, I forgot which markers I was supposed to use..so I've been using 30 and 20% grays instead of 40 and 30%. I was wondering why the background looked so light! (I did two or three coats on this one to try and make it darker..) But now where is my 40% marker???

Page turned out ok despite the combined efforts of the CanoScan from hell and Photoshop from..well, Adobe hell land. If I can turn out a beautiful page with the cheapest crappiest scanner that ever existed and a free graphics program, why is it so frickin hard to do the same with things that are supposedly 'top of the line'?? I blame Microsoft.....

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